All About Boys
i'm half muslim .. and half christian .. and i think i'm gay, but islamic religion and Christian religion hates the gays , but i found myself gay . WHAT I DO ?

Being gay it’s not a thing that any person or religion can judge in my opinion. You can do nothing about because you were born as a gay/bi/transgender or what so ever. Nonbody were born as a homophobic. People told us that, and religion told us that in a few words in their bible or quran.

You have to be proud of yourself that you are a human who is totaly normal. Because you are a gay, there are animals who are gay and maybe insects so that is something of the nature.

So it’s nothing wrong about it and don’t be hard for yourself and let the people talk because you are just yourself.

I wish you the best! X

I want to lee the anon know yes you are cute ;-;

Annnd stop now. It’s enouth! I start to blush…

oh shush you're cute >.>

Aww thank you! But not that cute at all those boys on my blog of course :p

You're my favorite person on tumblr, and your blog is really cool as well :)

Nooo that’s not true! I know some more much better bloggers than me who are hilarious. I don’t have that much time for it so that’s a shame because I can’t post that much then for all of you unfortionataly. (And my English is bad.)

But still thanks for the compliment!


Are you cute ? Like if you own this account like a good looking guy

If you really want to see my face you can see the tagged/me page at my blog. But don’t expect too much.